Keeping things Handy for your Flights

Posted by: Adam Lapsevich, Contributor on Friday, December 29, 2017 at 12:00:00 am
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Flying was once exciting but now-a-days has become rather dreadful. Yet, if you want to go to that much-anticipated faraway destination, it's a true necessary evil. Here are a few suggestions from a road warrior that might make your flight a little more tolerable. 

For years I was known as a "road warrior". A salesperson for a major company who spent over 50% of my time in other cities visiting clients. For at least 3 weeks of a month I would fly out on a Tuesday morning and return on a Thursday afternoon, never seeing my own bed on Wednesdays. 

I also traveled with a lot of gadgets, including a small, very expensive presentation projector that I had to carry onboard with me. All that said, packing my carry-on luggage was a science. I not only had to carry electronics, I liked having a variety of creature-comfort items with me as well.

Now I know, women have different carry-on needs than a man would. I recently read an interesting story in Conde Nast Traveler that was actually targeted to women about items to pack in your carry-on that might actually making your long haul flights a bit easier. While some of the items mentioned, such as makeup and studded earrings were mentioned, most of it can be universally recognized for any human to have handy! 



Small Zipper Pouches

One of the items I bought plenty of in my flying days was small zippered pouches. Items such as my headphones and phone charger went in one. I used a separate one for a small portable toothbrush and toothpaste. Another one held a small stash of pain relievers and my prescription meds, which you should never pack in your suitcase to begin with.

I preferred little "cube pouches" from ( I was able to stick an extra pair of socks and a thin, long-sleeve nylon workout shirt in one in case I got cold on the plane. Of course carrying a sweater or light jacket is always recommended but I used the workout shirt as an undergarment. If I was chilled I'd slip it on the bathroom under my shirt.

In one you'd find some tissues, Chapstick, hand cream and eye drops. My skin, eyes and lips tend to get dry from the nasty recycled air.

One items I always carried with me was a eye mask to blind out the light. I tend to like the window seat because it gives me control over the shade, plus I can rest my head on the wall. Sometimes I'm not so lucky and get stuck next to the guy who insists on keeping the shade open while the sun beats into the plane. We're way above the clouds and there is nothing to see below so I never quite understood why anyone would want the sun glare, but having my handy-dandy eye shades allow me to crawl into my own private dark cocoon. Coupled with a headset in my ears gives me even greater serenity, if you call trapped in a tube with 250 strangers flying 500 miles an hour at 30,000 feet above the world serene, but I digress.

Another handy thing to take with you are a few empty plastic baggies, such as a Ziplock or Glad sandwich bag. If you order a sandwich and could only eat half of it, or want to save the rest of a bag of chips or cookies but the bag it came in is now horribly torn, stick it in your Ziplock until you're ready for it. 

The nice thing is, none of these items take up much room or are heavy. It's about thinking ahead. 

Many ladies may already have these items in their purse but seeing as i don't carry a purse, I use my carry-on bag for these things. Whatever you bring on board a plane, the key is to keep it simple and make sure it has a purpose. Think of your own "must have" items and create a list so that when it's time to fly, you won't forget anything.


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