Seattle’s Space Needle Is Getting A Major Update

Posted by: Carol Lehman on Friday, November 10, 2017 at 9:00:00 am

The Space Needle has been an iconic landmark in Seattle, Washington since its inception as the centerpiece for the 1962 World’s Fair.  It houses an award-winning restaurant, a venue for private events, a retail shop and its very popular observation deck. The Space Needle stands 605-feet high offering exceptional views of Seattle.

A multi-million dollar renovation began in September and will continue through the summer of 2018. It will include new floor-to-ceiling glass on the open-air observation deck. There will also be a see-through rotation glass floor in the newly designed restaurant. 

Seattle Space Needle - Travel

Jeff Wright, chairman of Space Needle LLC, said in a statement, “I believe we’ll look back at this as a pivotal moment in the history of the Space Needle. This project both connects us back to our roots, to the vision that my father and his partners had when they built the Space Needle in 1962, and guides us forward into the future for generations to enjoy.” 

Technology and building standards have changed since it was initially built. Space Needle LLC plans to update the Space Needle to create a better experience for visitors while adding new technology in material and construction. 

The new design includes improved access for anyone with disabilities, crowd movement, an ADA lift, double-sized doors and extending the width of the stairways.

Glass benches will jut out from every other panel to offer seating without blocking the incredible views. The interior windows are being extended down to the ground. 

An open staircase to and from the restaurant level will have a clear sighting to the outside.

They intend to offer a seamless sight line to give visitors even more sweeping views of the city.

Ron Sevart, President and CEO of Space Needle LLC said in a statement, Seattle Space Needle - Travel“This reinvestment ensures the long-term viability of the Space Needle. We have a commitment to our team members, our guests and to the community to preserve the Space Needle as a civic and cultural icon for future generations. This translates directly into long-term job security for our team members and positive economic impact to the Seattle Center as well as the greater Seattle area.”

The event venue and restaurant will be closed during the renovation, however the observation deck will remain open during most of the construction.

The Space Needle will prove to be even more thrilling once the renovations are complete.

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