5 of the Most Beautiful Towns in Scotland

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With the increasing number of people choosing to take their holidays in the UK each year, there are numerous options available when it comes to choosing a destination, and thanks to its rich history, culture, and scenery, Scotland is one country that should be on everybody's bucket list. This beautiful country has a variety of large medieval castles, open landscapes; detailed history and culture that you can easily see around you, this is one country that has plenty of perfect photo opportunities that tell a story just by looking at them. If you want to take best photos of some of the best skylines or landscapes that look like paintings, you'll probably want to go to the most beautiful towns of Scotland. Here is our list of five of the most beautiful town in Scotland:

Edinburgh and Glasgow

EdinburgThe town of Edinburgh and Glasgow, where the lively Scotland's capital city sits in perfect contrast to the tranquil surrounding area. Edinburgh and Glasgow both have one of the most beautiful vistas in the world, let alone in Scotland, making it a perfect base to explore the city and the surrounding countryside. With Scotland's most famous castle dominating the city skyline, there is plenty to see and do with the ideal balance between all things contemporary and traditional.
Every year during the month of August Edinburgh and Glasgow welcome thousands of visitors to its world famous festival. It is in fact made up of a variety of festivals, exhibitions, and events including The Fringe, Book Festival, the International Festival, Jazz & Blues Festival, Military Tattoo, Film Festival and Edinburgh Mela. Additionally, many will head to Edinburgh for its month-long festal at Christmas which culminates in the world famous Hogmanay celebrations. Edinburgh and Glasgow have much to offer and makes the perfect place to visit first and stay in while exploring other towns. No matter what you are looking for, this is the place to be. Scotland has a lot of great scenery and wildlife but if you are looking for a city experience in the country, there is only two that fit the bill.


Our 'Most Beautiful Places to Fall in Love with' list would not be complete without a mention of the amazing town of St. Andrews on the east coast of Fife, Scotland. We found this small town, commonly known as the 'home of golf,' unexpectedly charming. As you enter this town, you will quickly notice a huge golf course with a mansion-like building on it. This is a site to see, even if you don't like golf, know nothing about it, it is a beautiful course near the sea. You don't often find too many golf courses like this one.
The streets of St. Andrews make for a great visual treat with many cute family run shops and small cafes to explore. With plenty of food options, we suggest trying a small cafe, even when they are busy they still serve up some delicious food. This small town is one that will easily capture your heart and lasting memories.St. Andrews

Rothesay, Argyll, and Bute

Rothesay is one of the most important and beautiful towns that is located on the isles of Bute, filled with decades of rich history. The places are not connected very well. The most common way in which the places can be visited by is on a ferry.
Rothesay was once the most important town of the county of Buteshire. It was during the medieval period that it became a huge tourist attraction. There would be a number of rulers visiting during their holidays. A title that is very famous in Rothesay is the duke of Rothesay. Duke normally refers to the heir of the British throne. It was Robert III who started this practice by giving this title to his son David. This practice started in the 14th century and was around until the start of the 17th century.
The most prominent sport in the town is football (soccer). There is a club in the town that is called the Bute Shinty Club. The club has been performing well and has even been promoted to the premier league. Their promotion was possible because of their win in the south division title.
The other sport that is famous in the town is golf. The island has a few golf courses. Each on of them is of international standards and is well maintained. The clubs in the town have 9-hole course rather than the regular 18-hole course.
The town has produced a number of famous personalities. Some of them are as follows. Sir William Mac Ewen, the pioneer of brain surgery. Formula one racing driver, Johnny Dumfries.


Kinross is a small town in Perth, Scotland. It's a very well appointed and beautiful burgh in close proximity to Perthshire and Clackmannanshire. Considered to be on of the nicest settings in Scotland, an ideal location for those that want to reland and unwind, enjoying the beauty of the country. Kinross can be reached by car from Edinburgh and Glasgow, or Perth and Dundee.
Kinross is set amidst lovely hills that are the perfect location for series of outdoor activities. Activities including golf, cycling and organized trekking trips in the area. While some may prefer bird watching, strolling on the valley paths and just enjoying nature. Kinross is also the gateway to the Highlands, nestling around the Loch Leven.
 - Loch Leven is a historical place; Mary the Queen of Scots was imprisoned there, back in 1567 in prison of the Castle Island.
 - The Loch is the largest in the Lowlands of Scotland and is also famous for the abundant fauna and flora.
 - Trout fishing is not only a popular activity here but it is also a focal point attraction.
ButeThose who enjoy bird watching should visit the gardens of the Kinross House where you can partake in several Loch activities. Or check out the Nature Reserve Farm, where you can get a personal look at birds of Loch.Kinross is a naturally rich place; it is also a historically rich area, as there are numerous known figures that have spent some there here.


One of the most naturally beautiful areas of Scotland is the county of Perthshire, in the heart of Scotland itself. With a rich history as well as modern attractions, it is also easily accessible from the main Scottish towns of Edinburgh and Glasgow, yet distant enough to feel like a completely different country altogether. Whether it's indoor or outdoor activities you're seeking, Perthshire has it in abundance.
Outdoor Activities
With the very nature of the area around Perth and its neighboring towns and cities, there is a host of outdoor activities for the more energetic visitors. For that like to trek or high, you can choose from the likes of the Black Spout Wood in Pitlochry, famous for its collection of woodland animals. Or how about a spot of trout fishing in one of the area's many lochs and rivers? Some of the best trout fishing anywhere can be in the lochs of Rannoch and Tay. And with the scenery, that will surround you in this beautiful part of Scotland, once you've stocked up on your fish, take a cycling trip around the countryside and explore this area at your leisure.
Countryside Attractions
With its location in the center of Scotland, Perthshire has seen more than its fair share of historic moments. From Highland clan wars to battles with its English neighbors, this part of Scotland has many stories to tell. Taking a visit to the Black Watch Museum will offer you a glimpse into one of Scotland's most famous army regiments.
Or visit the castle on the island of Loch Leven, to see the place where Mary, Queen of Scots was held as a prisoner for over a year. Of course, no visit would be complete without stopping at Scone Castle, where all of Scotland's kings were crowned and is the resting place for the Stone of Scone, better known as the Stone of Destiny, which the kings sat on during their coronation.
Things to See and Do
With the abundance of towns and villages in this lovely part of Scotland, there's no shortage when it comes to places to visit. One of the most popular towns is Aberfeldy, for its wide variety of shops and Victoria Park. It's also close to Castle Menzies, which opens its gardens to the public and is a wonderful tourist attraction. And don't forget the Dewar's World of Whiskey at the distillery in Aberfeldy, where tasting is mandatory!
Once you're feeling hungry enough from your travels, Perthshire has some of the best places to eat in as well. Blairgowry offers some of the freshest fruit you'll find anywhere, and the wildlife that is found in this part of the country allows for some breathtaking dishes. Whether it's a small restaurant in one of the county's many towns, or a full-on Scottish dinner a the likes of one of the local historic houses or castle dining areas, you'll find something here for any palate.

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