A Few of the Best Food Walking Tours Around the World

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Ever been on a food tour and weren't sure what to expect or when it was done you were still hungry? Food tours are one of the best ways to experience a destination and culture. A recent survey commissioned by the World Food Travel Association found that 30 percent of the 170 million leisure travelers in the U.S. chose trips based on the availability of culinary activities. One of the reasons we all decide to visit a new country, city or culture is the experience as much as possible, food being one way to enjoy a different culture, mix that with a walking tour and you will have a few hours of one of your days on your trip all planned out. The only problem is remembering to go back and pick up a few of your favorites to take home or find the recipe.

What makes a great food tour? How do they end up on a list of the best? We know you can easily go to Google and search for best food tours around the world. How many of them will you get an honest review from? Or have to look through a list of 49 amazing food tours, or go on TripAdvisor and search by region? Why do all that when you can learn from us, we have personally experienced these. Not mention they also show up on those lists you will come across on Google. So keep reading as share a list of food tours, that from our experience and consumer ratings, awards and reviews we share with you a list of some of the best food tours around the world.

Prague MarketPrague Walking Food Tour

Most people do not have a ton of knowledge on Prague. Even in 2017, it's a city waiting to be discovered. Prague is mixed with old and new towns that offer old-world charm and history. The Prague Food Tour will give you a unique glimpse into daily life while you meet locals and go behind the scenes to get a taste of Prague. Participate in this 4-hour walking food tour, giving you ample time and opportunity to enjoy all the authentic food in Prague. From Czech desserts to open-faced sandwiches, you will walk away from this tour full of new knowledge and history as well as a full stomach.

Chocolate Walking Tour ChicagoChocolate Tour of Chicago

Every chocolate and sweet tooth lovers dream. This 2-3 hour walking tour is one to keep your taste buds satisfied. You will enjoy samples from several of Chicago's best dessert boutiques and chocolatiers along the Magnificent Mile. While on your walking tour you will not only enjoy a bit of chocolate paradise but also where learn about chocolate history and Chicago's Architecture. This is a unique way to experience Chicago like you never have before.

Rue Mouffetard Market FranceGourmet Walking Tour of the Rue Mouffetard Market in France

Set out walking down the old cobbled stone roads of Paris to the premier market street of the city. Rue Mouffetard dates back to the medieval time of Paris, known for its food, shops, and markets. This 3-3.5 hour walking tour will leave you with a new sense of appreciation for their history as well as understanding why Ernest Hemingway called the street “that wonderful narrow, crowded market street which led into the Place Contrescarpe.” Not to leave out all their gourmet food and wine to sample along the way. Enjoy organic fresh fruit, freshly baked bread, and more from local farmers and producers around the area.

French Quarter New OrleansFood Walking Tour of the French Quarter in New Orleans

Consider skipping breakfast as you prepare to eat your way through the French Quarter on this 3-hour walking tour in New Orleans. While walking along your tour learn about New Orleans’ complex and rich culinary history. This tour will have your senses going as you visit famous eateries and markets in the oldest quarter along the river. Enjoy food samplings from several world-renowned restaurants in New Orleans as well as a traditional southern cocktail.


Rome Food Walking Tour

Discover real authentic food of Rome on this 4-hour walking food tour. Leave behind the feeling of being a tourist as you meet market traders, restaurant owners, vendors and other locals; hear their stories, passion, creativity and enthusiasm for food. Stop by shops and eateries like the Barberini pastry shop and enjoy fresh baked treats. With all the different shops, markets and eateries you will visit don’t forget to save room for artisan gelato that you won’t find anything like it back home. Conclude your tour with your taste buds satisfied and have gained new knowledge of some of Rome’s lesser-known history.

Whether you're a "foodie," wine enthusiast or history buff, any of these food walking tours will be perfect for you. These tours all allow you to experience the culture and authentic food like never before. That is why on every trip we plan we try to find the best way to sample the food, meet locals, and learn about the history that you can learn from reading a book. Our Springtime in France, Provence, and Paris trip that we have planned for May of this year, we will be going on the gourmet walking tour of the Rue Mouffetard Market, as well as a hands-on cooking class at Mas de Figues. Following our trip in May we area heading to New Orleans in October for our Fall Pilgrimage Trip where we will take part in the food walking tour of the French Quarter in addition to a hands-on cooking class and learning how to make a traditional southern cocktail. We cannot forget our Christmas Market Cruise in December where you will have plenty of opportunities to shop and sample the Prague markets, for more details click here. For more information on our Spring Time in France, Provence and Paris click here. For more information on our Fall Pilgrimage, New Orleans and Natchez trip click here. Want more information on our upcoming group trips this year, contact us.

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