A Luxury Spa on the Royal Scotsman Train

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Do you need something refreshing while covering a long journey on a train? What if we tell you that Spa is on wheels now? Yes, it’s no fantasy. Now, you don’t have to wait for hotel appointments for relaxing in a pool or having massages because now you can enjoy a luxury spa on the Royal Scotsman Train. Your trip to the Scottish Highlands through this luxury train has become even more luxurious due to the new Bamford Haybarn Spa. This “portable” spa is the first of its kind in Europe starting from 17th Bar area Royal Scotsman TrainApril.

A Country House on Wheels” is the name given to the spa due to its unique features. After the inauguration, it will offer two separate seven-night departures from Edinburg moving towards the Great Britain and Scottish Highland. Having a relaxing massage while enjoying the tranquility of the world’s most beautiful mountainous regions is a break you need from your tiring schedule. So, brace yourself for the opulent trip. Stick around for more details. 

What are the Views of the Management?

As the managing director of Belmond Trains and Cruises, Gary Franklin says, “We are now able to offer our guests a new way to relax, de-stress, slow down, and to reflect on their journey with us.” He further added, “Train journeys are incredibly relaxing, and the new Haybarn Spa offers another way to take time and reconnect with the things that are important while traveling through stunning Scottish scenery.

SpaWhat are the Facilities at the Spa?

The journey starting from Edinburg has a lot to explore. Believe it or not, it will be the best journey of your life. The price starts from $5, 581 per person. It isn’t much, is it? You don’t have to worry about your grooming and makeover before the journey because all the treatments are available on board that you find in other spas including massages, facials, and manicures.

Are there Additional Services?

Yes, there are, but they are a bit upscale. These additional services are

  • The fifty-five minutes Bespoke facial that includes lymphatic drainage, reflexology, yogic breathing, and deep tissue stone-back hot massage. All this only in $94.
  • Nail polish and file for $32.
  • The eighty-five minutes Body Signature Massage with Reflexology and foot massage.

Please, note that these add-ons are part of the train's rate, and come with an extra charge. Allowing the train to keeps the costs down, and giving travelers the option to purchase the services they want. Isn't it feasible?

How Does the Spa Look?

There are two single treatment rooms made up of sustainable woods from Scotland. The windows alongside enable you to enjoy the serene views of the countryside while relaxing in a beautiful room. The treatments go on throughout the journey. All ingredients are botanical that provide a blissful experience. Are you worried about the possibility of a bouncy ride? Well, don’t be. The drivers are trained to maintain a moderate speed, so the journey is smooth-out. Also, it’s not an ordinary consumer train, so it avoids sudden stops and takes turns at a gentle pace. The only thing you need to do is lay down and relax. Worrying is something out-of-the-scene while traveling on this train.

Cabin on Royal ScotsmanWhat is the Capacity and Rates per Person?

Let the inauguration take place first. Then, it will offer incredible packages for travelers departing from Edinburg for Scottish Highlands. The journey includes passing through beautiful sceneries. The tranquility is so high that it will blow your mind away. The price starts from $4,900 per person and adds up as you opt to purchases the services within. The two newly added sleeping compartments, one having a double bed and the other with two twin beds, increase the train capacity up to forty. Earlier, it was only thirty-six. 

What Accommodation does the Train Provide?

Once you are inside, you feel like home. It isn’t an ordinary cruise; settle into a comfortable sofa or armchair and glide past beautiful villages, castles, and Glen. There are two double and four single cabins with full-length wardrobe and dressing table. Each cabin has its own en-suite shower and ultra-quality toiletries. The staff knows that you need a perfect dining after a long relaxing massage. For that, it has a separate dining and a perfect setting alongside for the after-dining drink to sit back and enjoy the conversation and the breathtaking countryside view. 

Food on the Royal Scotsman

Want more information about the Royal Scotsman Train, are you interested in visiting the beautiful Scotland Highlands? Contact us; we will fill you in on everything Scotland, consider joining us on our trip at the end of August as we visit the beautiful landscapes of Scotland as well as the Royal Scotsman Train. 

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