5 Reasons to go to Greece

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Thinking about traveling to Greece? If you aren't, you should. Greece offers multiple options for exploration and enjoyment – so many that it can leave you feeling a little overwhelmed. Don't worry we are here to help. Don't avoid Greece because of their economic crisis, instead, embrace Greece more since the crisis started it has had no affected the beauty of the Greek Islands or the hospitality, as well as giving the sense of time travel. Time Travel to different eras as you explore the Greek Islands and their history all the way back to the Minoans. You will find in Greece crystal clear blue water, natural beauty, archaeology, and history throughout it all. Make a list of what you want to do most when you visit, what you want to see, explore and where to go. Need help coming up some ideas for Greece? Maybe our top 5 reasons will spark some ideas of your own.

Acropolis of AthensVisit World Famous Archaeological Sites

The Greek Islands have world famous archaeological sites including the Acropolis of Athens, Sanctuary of Delphi, Ancient Olympia, Delos island, Palace of Knossos in Crete, Ancient Epidaurus and Mycenae just to name a few. The most famous site being the Acropolis of Athens, constructed from Pentelian marble back in the 5th century BC stands Europe’s largest ancient monument, the Parthenon Temple. Looking to find the Greek Gods? Peloponnese is where you can start, one the most important sanctuaries of the antiquity; dedicated to the father of all gods, Zeus. Once at Parthenon take a look at the temples of Zeus and Hera, the Stadium where back in the 7th century BC the first Olympic games were held,  as well as the workshop of sculptor Phidias, the Palaestra, and the Gymnasium. To find out more about all the famous archaeological sites of Greek, click here

Experience Greek ArtsAncient Theater Epidaurus, Argolida, Greece in the summertime

After visitings the archaeological sites of Greece you will want to see more art and culture of Greece. From modern art museums, open-air exhibits to performances in ancient theaters to just get you started with the art, history and culture of Greece. Contemporary art will visible just about everywhere in Greece. Artist from all over the world, go to Greece to display their work in museums, ancient theaters, warehouses, squares, streets, and anywhere and everywhere they can. All sorts of unique places transform into provocative settings for world-renowned Greek modern art. Consider dancing under the stars to an array of music in the village squares. Find a seat in the ancient theater of Epidaurus, to experience cutting-edge performances. Don’t let all the arts and culture overwhelm you, just enjoy it all around you; you won’t see anything like it anywhere else.

Mykonos in the blue hourWorld Renowned Nightlife & World Famous Beaches

Are you a night owl? Do you enjoy Nightlife? Get ready to party like you have never partied before and head to world famous party scenes of Mykonos. Here in Mykonos, every day is perfect for partying. With 32 bars, 19 clubs, and 9 beach clubs, will leave you partying until the sun comes up. Think a thunderstorm or power outage will stop the party, think again, nothing will stop the DJ from leaving the DJ booth. Not just famous for the party scene here, but also world famous beaches, where its picture perfect with golden sand and crystal blue water. On Mykonos, there is a beach for every taste and every mood. From Nude beaches and party beaches to something for the family, there is a beach for everyone here. The south shore beaches have the best sand and views but get pretty crowded in the early afternoon. Fewer crowds, calmer for those who are looking to relax, head to the north coast beaches. Looking for another party then head over to one of the beach clubs like Psarou Beach, Super Paradise Beach, Paraga Beach, and Paradise Beach, to name a few. To find out about all the beaches of Mykonos as well as nightlife, click here. 

HospitalityGreece Shops

Known for their warmth and hospitality, Greeks are very welcoming of tourists. One of the safest places to travel to due to how welcoming locals are towards tourists. Stay at a hotel where the staff feels more like family, most courteous waiters at restaurants, and don’t forget about the locals who won’t shy away from giving you directions or telling you about the islands. Stop in a shop for the perfect souvenir and learn a bit of history from the worker. You won’t find any other place like the Greek Islands with this much hospitality and make you feel welcomed your entire stay.

CreteGorgeous Crete

Make time for Crete on your trip to Greece. Crete is the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and the largest island in Greece. On Crete, you will notice cities and towns are left unaltered since the time of the Venetian Rule. From impressive mountainscapes, glorious beaches, to steep gorges, there is so much to see and do on Crete. Travel west to find the White Mountains and their famous National Park. Wonder around the old towns and be in awe with the Venetian mansions, churches, and fountains, with history all around you in the different architectural styles. Visit Crete for adventure, sports, wineries, beautiful beaches, and little Greek Mythology. (According to Greek Mythology, it was in a cave of Crete that the goddess Rhea hid the newborn Zeus, where he was brought up by nymphs. Where Zeus disguised as a bull, took Europa so, they may enjoy their love together. The union of Zeus and Rhea produced a son, Minos. Minos ruled Crete and turned it into a mighty island empire of the seas. Later Theseus, the Athenian prince, killed the Minotaur. Read more of the Greek Mythology of Crete, click here

Greece is the land of Gods; blessed with picture perfect sun-kissed beaches, crystal clear turquoise coastlines, and a rich cultural heritage. Medieval Castel in RhodesThere are endless reasons to go to Greece and have an enjoyable time with the second to none hospitality. Explore the Greek Mythology stories, and have adventures in Athens and Crete. Adventurous activities including scuba diving in crystal clear water, gorge walking, cycling, jeep salaries in the White Mountains. Search for medieval treasures in the Rhodes and Shipwreck Beach on Zakynthos. Each of the Greek Islands has so much to see and do, with the rich history, dramatic arts, and Greek Mythology, there will be something for everyone. You will probably check off a few items on your bucket list after visiting Greece. So what are you waiting for, start planning your trip to Greece today!

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