Top 3 Fitness Vacations for Women in 2017

Posted by: Carol Lehman on Wednesday, January 4, 2017 at 3:14:00 pm

Recently ringing in the new year, it comes with old traditions. Traditions that are meant to bring us luck and success in the new year. For many New Years' is a chance to celebrate with champagne and a huge verity of foods. Celebrating the ending of one year and all that had happened, and start the new year with a clean slate. Many take the time to reflect on the past year, learn from it and find a way to make the new year a better year and positive changes in our lives. Most of us make New Year’s Resolutions, and some of us are better at keeping our resolutions than others, that’s okay we are here to help. If we took a poll to find out what most resolutions relate to, the results would show that the majority to be about health and fitness. With New Year’s resolutions on our mind, we decided to come up with our top 3 fitness vacations for the New Year for women that love to travel, whether it is a group of women or travel solo.

Whether you want to go vacationing in exotic Costa Rica or the backcountry in Italy; we have something for everyone to enjoy and how to stay fit on vacation.

Women Hiking in the Himalaya Mountains at Sun raiseEnjoy Yoga and Meditation in the Himalayas

Have your passport ready to travel to northern India, where you will find Himalayan foothills. In Kumaon, India you will see the world’s highest mountain range, yoga retreats, beautiful resorts and hotels that have spas, fitness centers and more! The Himalayas are known to be the less visited part of the earth, making it the newest and less traveled part of the earth after Antarctica. In the Himalayas, you can find plenty of medicinal herbs at the foothills where they are the purest. The Himalayas makes a great trip to take with some girlfriends and find your center with yoga and meditation. Check out Shakti Himalaya, for an outdoor adventure for women; they offer “Head in the Clouds;” a guided walking tour with in-house teachers, stops for yoga and meditation along the way. If you love to hike, the Himalayas makes a great hiking vacation for women as well.

Go to Cuba if You Prefer Swimming or CyclingWoman cycling on the road in Cuba

Previously Americans could not travel to Cuba because back in 1960, the United States imposed a strict trade embargo against Cuba. For those that wanted to visit Cuba, they would need a special license to do so. That started to change in January 2015 when President Barack Obama expanded the categories of authorized travel to Cuba, to 12 groups, this helped those who wanted to go, a little easier to do so. In August 2016, it became even easier to travel to Cuba; the US government decided to allow some American Airlines resume flights to Cuba. If you want to visit a Country that hasn’t been visited by many Americans yet, get your visa and head on over. See this country’s history by cycling across the island. Escape the heat by taking a swim in the tropical water where you can leave your wetsuit behind and possibly see some dolphins to swim alongside. Make sure to always check for flags; those might indicate you currently cannot swim in the sea at that time. Cuba is a very safe place for those of us that want to take a solo vacation.
Muay Thai in Thailand

Travel to Thailand and Train with the Best in Muay Thia

In Thailand, one of the most popular sports is Muay Thai, is known as “the art of eight limbs.” In Thailand you will find training gyms for you to learn from the locals, you won’t find better training or better quality of training anywhere else. Travel with other women and help support each other in learning Muay Thai, enjoy staying at high-end hotels and resorts where they have their won training ring, personal trainers, and a view that takes your breath away. Don’t forget about the delicious food, beautiful beaches, and a crazy nightlife. 

Whether you want to go skiing in the backcountry of the Italian Alps, sand dune running in Zanzibar, kitesurfing in the Dominican Republic, or cycling in the safari in Tanzania, or travel anywhere else, we can plan the perfect vacation that incorporates fitness, as well as travel and adventure, good food, and lifetime of memories. Tell us your New Year’s resolution, and we will plan a trip to help you stay on track. Make 2017 your year to be fit, healthy, and adventurous. Let us plan your adventure travel for women of all ages.

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