Why Travel Groups for Women Rock!

Posted by: Carol Lehman on Tuesday, November 22, 2016 at 7:00:00 am

Maybe I’m biased, but I really love to travel. That’s why I got into this business and started my agency, Destinations Unlimited, years ago. We put together trips for just about every type of person in the world. From families to corporate clients, to everything in between, the business of selling travel is an open book and available to anyone looking for an adventure.

One particular group of people we found we started catering to many years ago was women. We discovered that women really enjoy traveling with other ladies so much that we decided to create a completely new service catering just to this segment of the market. And wouldn’t you know, we hit a home run!

Planning exciting group trips for women take some creativity but there are certain aspects of traveling with a group of ladies that always remain constant.

There are Certain Destinations and Activities that all Women Enjoy

One of the main reasons women like to travel together is because women often enjoy visiting places and doing things that sometimes the guys just aren’t into! Shopping trips to New York City or Chicago are just a few of the types of trips that the ladies tend to enjoy over the guys. But there are many more exciting, international trips that women enjoy as well.
Whatever the destination, the trip needs to be filled with activities that cater to women. We find most women love being pampered. Spa activities are always a huge it. Whether it’s a pedicure, facial or some other interesting treatment, traveling with women alone makes the entire experience a blast.

Cultural Events

It’s not secret that, overall, women tend to enjoy cultural trips over their male counterparts. Whether it’s museum tours, theater, plays, art galleries, performing arts events or one of the many different festivals around the world, women traveling as a group can enjoy the experience without having to hear “come on honey, let’s get going!”

Meeting the Locals

Part of the allure of international travel isn’t just to sightsee, but to become immersed into thTurkey04.jpge culture. Beyond tasting the cuisine and visiting points of interest in a particular country, meeting the locals is an incredible way to really get to know and experience the destination. I don’t know a mom who doesn’t love children and seeing the local children, and witnessing their innocence, really allows a visitor to experience the culture at an entirely different level.

Travel at your Own Pace

Women traveling together in groups enjoy the comfort of traveling at their own pace. You see, we like to take our time; walk around the boutique one more time, or talk with the café owner a little longer or visit the cute little shop across the street that we just realized was there.

Men, on the other hand, tend to rush us to the next thing. I don’t know about your spouses or partners, but many of the guys I know will put on the pouty, “I’m bored with this – let’s move on face” and not even have to say a word! But when you’re traveling with the girls, it’s like whatever goes, goes!

Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling with men, it’s just sometimes, a woman has to do what a woman has to do….and often times, it’s something that’s not on the schedule.

Women have different needs and wants, and that’s OK. That is what makes traveling with a group of like-minded women interesting, and a whole lot of fun. 

About Journeys for Women

Journeys for Women is perfect for women who love to travel but don't want to travel alone. We are a diverse group that includes women from age 18-80. What we share is a love of fun and adventure.


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