Keeping Fit and Exercising for Women over 60

Posted by: Carol Lehman on Thursday, October 27, 2016 at 10:49:00 pm
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I do a lot of traveling. I love to travel and heck, that’s why I’m in the business.
Traveling, though, especially for ladies who reach that “certain age”, can be exhausting. If your body isn’t in some sort of decent shape, it's probably not going to be able to do the walking that is often required on many trips, especially when it comes to touring and sight-seeing.
Many of the ladies that travel with Journeys for Women try to get in some exercise several times per week. And to be honest, we all should be!

According to Women’s Fitness, a popular website, women over 60 who exercise for at least 30 minutes at least 3 times per week have the heart, lungs, and muscles of a woman nearly 10 times younger! That’s pretty impressive.

Of course, this all does depend on the type of exercise you do.

#1 – Stretching

shutterstock_402396772.jpgAs we age things just don’t move like they did in the past. Stiff backs in the morning and aching legs are just a few of the telltale signs that we’re all getting older. But one way to help alleviate stiffness is through stretching.

Stretching is actually very easy. It promotes flexibility and makes moving around the rest of the day so much easier. It also promotes muscle strength, helps keeps your bones in shape and if you get into some strength training, you’ll really see results!

#2 – Taking the Stairs

We all know that even something as simple as taking the stairs is better for you than getting into an elevator. Walking up a few flights of stairs is good for your heart, legs, butt and belly. You’ll burn off quite a few extra calories and give yourself a little workout just by opting for the stairs next time.water-aerobics_3627412.jpg

#3 – Water Aerobics

If you’re lucky enough to have access to a swimming pool, hop in and just walk back and forth a few times. If they offer classes, even better. 
For some reason, the water makes exercising fun! It’s one way to have a refreshing workout.

#4 – Parking Further from the Buildings

Like opting to take stairs instead of the elevator, when heading out to the grocery store or other shopping venues, opt to park further from the door.

I always think its funny to see others driving in circles searching for the perfect parking space close to the door. They can spend 10 minutes circling the parking lot. I tend to just park and start walking. Usually, I’m parked and into the building and I still see them driving around!

#5 – Get a Fit Bit or other Step Counter

fitbit_242344369.jpgInvest in a pedometer of some sort and watch the steps increase as you change a few habits and start walking more. Fitbit is a popular gadget. Tell your kids you want one for Christmas if you don’t have one already!

Of course, yoga, running, swimming, weight lifting, and pilates are all great ways to exercise but things change as we age. If your body still allows you to do more advanced exercise, more power to you. Just remember to not overdo it!

We’ve come this far ladies… I think we’re doing pretty well. Let’s keep it going and remember, the only way is up!

Happy Travels (and exercising!)


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