Traveling with a Group of Ladies is Awesome!

Posted by: Carol Lehman on Monday, October 10, 2016 at 11:03:00 am

If you a lady that loves to travel, but you've never traveled with just a group of other gals, you are totally missing out! It's fun for one. But that is just one of the many benefits of traveling with a group of other like-minded ladies

So often, women tend to travel with their spouses, and/or their kids, and basically wind up doing the bulk of the planning, the bulk of the work, and the bulk of the compromising! Many women come to accept these basic facts and actually don’t mind fulfilling this role. But, sometimes, women deserve a vacation that has been specifically planned for them, with other women like them, enjoying all the things they like to do.

Lights, Camera, Action

When you travel with a group of ladies, all the planning has been done ahead of time and your comfort and enjoyment have been the driving factor in those plans. These trips are designed with the woman in mind. This lightens your load of responsibility so can simply pack your bags, and whimsically grab your camera as you head out for the action-packed vacation you’ve been craving.

Mississippi19.jpgTakes One to Know One

Traveling with other women like you allows you to let your guard down and be yourself while traveling. You will meet many women just like you and have plenty of free time to actually socialize. You can finally have the adult conversation you crave, on a host of topics such as art, ceramics, sewing, antiquing, books, movies, poetry, cooking, wine, and a million other topics. This could be your time to discuss topics that are important to you. You can also learn new things, share your talents, and to make lasting friendships.

Looking Out For Number One

When you travel with a group of ladies, you do not have to bear the responsibility of being “mom” or “wife” or “girlfriend.” On these trips, you are simply “Janet” or “Susan” or “Meg.” These trips alleviate the expectation that you will be a caregiver or escort of any kind. In fact, the expectation is that you will be escorted through all the adventures of your trip, and be cared for at every turn. On these trips, women finally get to let someone else shoulder the responsibility of making sure everyone else has a good time. You need only worry about yourself and what is going to be most enjoyable for you.

If you have never traveled with a group of like-minded women, consider taking a trip that is designed your needs in mind. You may be surprised how awesome traveling with a group of ladies can be!


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