Chinese New Year

What better place to celebrate Chinese New Year than Hong Kong - January 25-February 1, 2017

Southern Charm

A real southern treat! Join us this upcoming Spring for an incredible tour of New Orleans and Natchez, Mississippi. April 2 - 11, 2017.

Spring Time in Paris

Join a fully escorted chic French experience. A delightful journey to truly experience, "Paris in Springtime". May 5-15, 2017.

Exciting Travel for Women

Sightsee. Bond. Shop. 

Do you know a gal who doesn't like to do even one of these things? I know I love them all!

Journeys for Women offers incredible vacations for ladies who enjoy the camaraderie of traveling with other like-minded women, while sightseeing the world. If you'd like to join us, we'd love to have you. Look through our website imagine yourself joining us on one of our upcoming journeys....for women.

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Our Mission

We're a group of ladies who want to venture out together and see as much of this fascinating world as we can. We enjoy meeting new friends, tasting new foods, exploring new places. But mostly, we enjoy the camaraderie of each other's company and the great new friendships we build along the way.


From the Blog

Holiday Cruises ? It?s Not Too Late!

If someone gave you a super deal for a great vacation but it was a trip that was coming up soon, would you pack your bags and travel or bag the trip the stay home?

December is a funky month for the cruise industry. Some people love the idea of taking off and getting out of dodge for the holidays while others prefer to stick close to home. One thing for sure though is, if you hit the high seas over the holidays, you?ll be welcomed on board with the most festive holiday ambiance you can imagine!

Created by Carol Lehman
Why Travel Groups for Women Rock!

Maybe I?m biased, but I really love to travel. That?s why I got into this business and started my agency, Destinations Unlimited, years ago. We put together trips for just about every type of person in the world. From families to corporate clients, to everything in between, the business of selling travel is an open book and available to anyone looking for an adventure.

Created by Carol Lehman
Girlfriend Getaways for Women of All Ages

In most households, women do the travel planning. It?s estimated that nearly 50 million American women travel out of town each year, with 30% of those ladies traveling at least 5 times per year. Now, these all aren?t on vacations, but who cares!? Women are hitting the road and skies in record numbers.

When it comes to vacations however, it?s estimated that nearly 40% of the women traveling over the age of 35 do not have a regular travel companion, such as a spouse, partner or even dedicated travel friend. So what does all this mean?

In short, the market is wide open to create exciting vacations for women travelers who want to getaway with other ladies but just don?t have a built in companion, thus leading to traveling in groups with other similar women and making new travel friends along the way. 

Created by Carol Lehman

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