Scottish Castles and Gardens

Come see the beautiful landscapes, rich culture, royalty and history of Scotland: 8/24/17 to 9/2/17.

Fall Pilgrimage New Orleans and Natchez

A real southern treat! Join us this a Fall Pilgrimage to New Orleans and Natchez, Mississippi. 10/2/17 to 10/10/17.

Christmas Market Cruise

Celebrate the most festive time of year with a wonderful group of women as we sail AMA Waterways on the Rhine River. 11/26/17 to 12/06/17.

Exciting Travel for Women

Sightsee. Bond. Shop. 

Do you know a gal who doesn't like to do even one of these things? I know I love them all!

Journeys for Women offers incredible vacations for ladies who enjoy the camaraderie of traveling with other like-minded women, while sightseeing the world. If you'd like to join us, we'd love to have you. Look through our website imagine yourself joining us on one of our upcoming journeys....for women.

Our Mission

We're a group of ladies who want to venture out together and see as much of this fascinating world as we can. We enjoy meeting new friends, tasting new foods, exploring new places. But mostly, we enjoy the camaraderie of each other's company and the great new friendships we build along the way.


From the Blog

Keeping things Handy for your Flights

Flying was once exciting but now-a-days has become rather dreadful. Yet, if you want to go to that much-anticipated faraway destination, it's a true necessary evil. Here are a few suggestions from a road warrior that might make your flight a little more tolerable. 


Adam Lapsevich, Contributor
Penguin Popularity

There is no doubt about it: penguins are cute! I had no idea how many people were obsessed with penguins but I know there are a lot... including relatives of mine!

Donna Smith, Contributor

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